Celebrated by Royal Air Force pilots, pilot watches are similar to military watches. Their size is generally medium to large, and they feature a bulky case with large numbers to allow easy reading of the time, even in unfavorable conditions. Most aviator watches boast the iconic triangle and two small glow-in-the-dark dots at noon and allow pilots to quickly identify the noon position and thus view the time in any circumstance.

Some models have a rotating bezel with 60 levels (1 per minute) and a large date window. Aviator watch chronographs generally include a 30-minute, 12-hour, and 60-second interval setting for easier timing.

In What Situations To Wear An Aviator Watch

This is a very versatile watch like some Rolex watches (นาฬิกา Rolex which is the term in Thai). Although initially used in high-action situations, this watch adapts to city and travel looks and can accompany you on your relaxed outings. Its exquisite design also allows it to blend in beautifully with your more formal ensembles.

Digital Watch

While an analog watch indicates the time with the help of hands, a digital watch has an LED display that indicates the time in Arabic numerals. Most digital watches have a seven-segment dial and an all-terrain plastic or rubber strap.

While everything digital is modern, the first mechanical digital clocks were developed in the 1920s. The first LED watch, however, only appeared in the 70s. The first digital watch was inspired by the 1968 sci-fi movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey. Digital LEDs remained somewhat expensive until a Texas company began mass-producing LED plastic watches.

In What Situations To Wear A Digital Watch

According to fashion gurus, a digital watch is significantly relaxed. You should then wear it with appropriate clothing, when you do sports, or relax in a t-shirt and sneakers.