An escape room has proven to be the right place to improve employees’ skills, which will eventually result in improved productivity at work. In addition to uniting employees, escape rooms also help them to work together better to achieve common goals. They unavoidably have to discuss, brainstorm and share ideas that will help solve the puzzles on hand. In a nutshell, an escape room is highly beneficial to employees and companies.

Here are 5 skills that escape rooms help improve:

1. Communication Skills

Players in an escape room need to discuss with one another to solve the puzzles and pass their quest. Effective communication among them is key to their success. They will learn how to communicate with one another, share views and opinions and present suggestions regarding the challenges being handled. Employees with communication issues can find respite as their opinions will also count in solving the puzzles.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Players can improve their interpersonal skills in an escape room. Skills, such as listening, negotiation, verbal and nonverbal communication, and problem-solving skills. All these skills will be harnessed and improved without hassles in an escape room as they solve puzzles together.

3. Problem-solving Skills

Players usually improve their problem-solving skills in an escape room. All the complex problems will be broken down, analyzed and solved as quickly as possible before the time lapses. They are forced to think on their feet and outside the box to solve the puzzles. Employees working in a competitive environment will benefit greatly from an escape room because they will improve their skills.

4. Improved Memory

An escape room brings out the best in every player. They get to learn new things quickly and implement them to solve the puzzles in the escape room. Their memories unconsciously improve and they begin to learn and recall new information faster. In the escape room, brains are forced to retain crucial information safely for later use.

5. Motor Skills

An escape room may not require many physical activities, but it does improve and sharpen the players’ reaction time. Motor skills, such as eye-hand coordination, walking, jumping and balancing skills get improved. The mental alertness that an escape room teaches players to always be ready.


Escape rooms improve the above five skills. If you want your employees to be at their best and deliver high productivity, take them to an escape room. The impact that the escape room will have on them will reflect on your company’s overall results.