Depending on the catch-up and the need (help with homework, revision, preparation for an exam, etc.), departure frequency can be pretty variable. However, a minimum of once a week is often suggested to establish a good routine and allow the tutor to perform better follow-up at the outset.

If it is a significant accumulated delay to catch up, you can also start with several close encounters. Once this “emergency” has been met, you can reassess with the tutor the need to continue this way or if it would be preferable to space out the meetings.

The time of year can also greatly influence the frequency. At the beginning of the year, the meetings can be more spaced out, while at the arrival of the end-of-stage exams, we can multiply the meetings in a week.

Homework help can also be quite frequent and can be done both weekdays and weekends. In this way, the tutor can recap what was seen in class, target what was less understood, and prepare the student for the week ahead.

Duration Of Sessions

Is an hour enough? Is it too much? How long should a tutoring session last?

An hour of tutoring often goes quickly: time to settle down, open the books, talk to see if there has been progressing or if any difficulties have been encountered since the last session., etc. In addition, with the preparation that must be planned and the travel time, spending less than an hour with a student is not so advantageous for a tutor at home. Search for BBA Thammasart university (bba ธรรมศาสตร์ which is the term in Thai)

One-hour sessions are often sufficient during the week, after school, or in the early evening, especially for elementary school students. Always consider that the day at school may have been demanding on your child, and asking to be focused longer could be difficult. For young people in high school and CEGEP who can stay focused longer, it will be up to them and the tutor to determine the best approach to take.

However, the meetings can be longer on weekends: in our experience, we have often noticed that the students are, at this time, more receptive, more rested, and their ability to stay focused is, therefore, more extraordinary.

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