Don’t forget that when you don’t take care of your wristwatch, it spoils or does not last for a long time. So, here are ways take you can care for it:

Try To Have More Than One Model

Having more than one watch is good in many ways. In addition to being easier to match outfits and occasions, you can intersperse use and avoid overloading the piece, further increasing its useful life. It’s amazing: buy a watch today, wear it for 2 days. Even if you are very careful, you are bound to see some scratches if you look at your watch with a magnifying glass. If you intersperse the use of watches and store them properly, their lifespan will increase substantially.

Take It To A Professional For Periodic Cleanings.

Taking the watch like pendulum every three years to a professional so that he can do the external hygiene of the equipment can significantly improve its durability. Specialized workshops clean the outside of the watch with equipment that emits ultrasonic waves, which help to disaggregate the most impregnated dirt on the watch. It is a very simple service because it does not require the disassembly of the watch.

Avoid Playing Contact Sports While Wearing Your Watch

Wristwatches accompany us in various activities during the day. However, it is better to avoid wearing them during contact sports, as a stronger impact can cause falls and other damage. Most watches are not designed to receive shocks. So, in these cases, use suitable watches like the G-Shock.

Keep Equipment Away From Extreme Temperatures

Avoiding thermal shock is essential to ensure the stability of the device. Leaving it in a fast car or an air-conditioned environment contributes to the malfunction. This is harmful because the watch’s mechanism is made up of very small parts made of metal, that is, very sensitive to temperature and with a relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion. The increase or decrease in the dimensions of the parts due to temperature changes influences their operation.

Keep An Eye On The Water Resistance Rating

Nowadays, almost all watches are waterproof, but each model has a different rating with its degree of resistance. Check this information on the back of the watch or the case, and use your watch within its specifications.

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