There are ample causes that relate to delays in car transport from one state to the other state or across the country. That is the prime reason for expert transport suggesting booking early dates so that your vehicle reaches on time the required destination.

Reputable car transporters in the U.S like Ship A Car. Inc, which is in this transport business for many years find all means to transport vehicles at their destination at a fixed date. However, due to unavoidable reasons, there is a delay in reaching the place to deliver the shipped vehicles.

Here are the causes:

  • Weather: Unexpectedly sometimes weather becomes too harsh and there is a need to drive slow on road or totally stop in between to keep the shipped vehicles safe. In snowy times and storms, it isn’t possible to navigate the vehicle carrier properly. Thus, there is a need to understand and consider the climatic conditions of the destined place as well. This is because in the U.S the climate varies in different states.
  • Traffic: When the highways and interstate road routes are flooded with heavy traffic it isn’t easy to transit vehicles in midst of the other vehicle’s flow. Moreover carriers take wide space on the road so it slows down while moving from state to state. It is best not to book vehicle transportation during holiday times. It is better to check whether the road is clear of any construction work before booking the date with the transporters. You can book an earlier date so that your car reaches on time for your utility.
  • Truck breakdown: This is a possibility that seldom happens, however it is best to remain prepared. Sometimes a few days delay happens if unfortunately, the carrier truck breaks down. You can find the emergency plans of the company if such things happen midway.
  • Depends upon the number of stops a carrier truck makes in a day. The delay mostly happens when the truck is to drop off other vehicles in a different location or a different region. The delay can be expected when you opt to hire multi-car load carrier. The experienced car transporters suggest their clients drop off their vehicles at earlier date so that even after doing many stops on the way, their car reaches time to the other state address.
  • There can be customs delays as it happens because of detailed inspection and document issues. They may hold the shipment till all the paper works have been cleared referring to rules. Thus, it is best to allow extra time for customs clearance.

It is a quite suitable idea to choose a car shipping service that has good reviews for never delaying car delivery. You can opt for the transporters having car parking yards to keep your vehicle safe till you pick them up at the other state. This helps to be stress-free when your car reaches before your arrival as you have booked earlier dates foreseeing the delay, which may happen while shipping the vehicle from one state to another.

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