Look, when it comes to clock pulse, whether female, male or unisex models to choose abound! After all, in addition to being very practical to check the time, it works as a type of accessory that matches your clothes, giving that lookup, whether daily or at special events now, if you want a little help to choose the ideal model for you.

Casual And Fashion Models

For those who play sports or enjoy casual clothes, watches with rubber straps are ideal! After all, this is a very resistant material, which can withstand even hits!

And, in addition to models with very vibrant and fashionable colors, there are also more basic ones, with the traditional white or black bracelets. Therefore, it can also be a good, more casual option.

By the way, do you know what kind of watch is gaining more and more fans? It has in the same model hands and a small display with the times in digital format! And he looks good at both work meetings and family outings.

Smartwatches that can measure your heart rate, distance covered in races, and much more usually come with rubber straps and are very relaxed and fashionable!

Classics That Don’t Go Out Of Style

Were watches like Rolex lady datejust made all in metal, whether the bracelet or the case, a classic always in fashion for men and women, right? They can be used in everyday life or at work meetings or parties if it’s a fancier type.

Watches with leather straps are also always on the most desired list. Some models, both for men and women, are more sophisticated and can even be used with party clothes.

Box Format

The watch with a rectangular case is becoming more and more successful

Look, round watches are still a total hit! That’s because you can find it in all models and materials, whether casual or more sophisticated.

But the rectangular and square formats are conquering more and more space and appear a lot in more chic models for parties. They look fabulous in a very stylish outfit!

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