Everybody recognizes that remaining fit and looking after good healthy habits are important. Nowadays, that’s simpler stated than can be done. Enter Android health apps. Don’t misunderstand me these 10 free Android apps aren’t likely to perform the tough meet your needs, however they might help in many ways. The primary reason for a number of these apps is just to keep you motivated. Many will provide motivation to help keep you running or exercising, others to prevent you from eating bad food and a few to provide you with that extra motivation required to lose individuals last couple of pounds.

If these free Android health apps will help you get healthier or remain healthy, they are worth installing and providing them a go. Believe me, when you begin making use of your Android phone like a tool to obtain yourself in better shape, it will be simpler to remain motivated enjoy yourself whilst getting healthier! Listed here are ten of the very most helpful free Android health apps available:

JogTracker 1..4

This helpful free Android health application has a simple function- it may measure your running distance and time. It may be associated with Google Maps so that you can track your route, enabling you to explore new areas without losing the right path.


This really is most likely typically the most popular application about this list for all of the online reviews and ratings seriously. SportyPal is mainly utilized by runners and cyclists, because it provides distance travelled, time data as well as other analyses in your performance. When you get to your aerobic fitness exercise and wish more information than calories expended and distance travelled, this is actually the application for you personally.

Buddy Runner

This really is easily probably the most effective free Android health apps for runners. It records running distance and time, monitors running routes, workout pace and much more. It can save you the information and employ it like a reference for future workouts. If you are into discussing on social systems, her capacity to help you to publish records and results on Facebook instantly.


This training tool for runners isn’t just a running tool. It is also an over-all weight reduction training application! This is actually a helpful free Android health application for everybody who’s after losing one pound or more.

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